Friday, September 20, 2013

Some writing

Welcome to my Blog and thank you for your time.

I've been thinking to do this for so long!  So here I am sitting here and typing these very words.

I remember there was always something about writing I found so exciting and special, when I was in middle school.  It all started with love poems... I swear I had a thick notebook full of perfectly handwritten love poems.  It wasn't just words put next to each other... They were warm and meaningful.

When my classmates found out about my little "talent'', they'd come to me and ask me to write a love poem for someone special to them, and I loved doing that.  
I also had some specialty ones - Acrostic name poems.  Now that required some serious work!  I should've charged a fee for those (now that I think about it).  Can you blame me?
My poems made me pretty popular actually:)
That was something I am telling you.

Till next time...


  1. congratulations!)) First pilot is amazing! You should have done it before. I always knew you had good writing skills. Waiting for new post! love you))*