Friday, January 17, 2014

Coco Cay Island

The view from the boat

The Coco Cay Day.

This 140 acre tropical paradise is reserved exclusively for cruise ship guests.  Lots of hammocks around the island that was kind of different.
We got to the Island and our plan was to do our first time ever parasailing!  Well, if you knew me you'd understand that even the thought of it was enough to give me an earthquake...but after having a discussion what we'd remember years later about this trip - my husband and I agreed to experience the thrill...

We found the parasailing station on the Island, paid for it and picked the time to do it.  While we waited for our turn, suddenly, it got dark and began to rain. The girl at the kiosk announced our parasailing was cancelled.  They saw some lightning in the sky, and for the safety matter it had to be stopped.  I wasn't really sure whether I was more disappointed or happily relieved?  Take a guess. Besides, it was painful already to pay $80 per person.
As my husband said: if anyone asks us about parasailing now we can say well, we agreed to do it and paid for it (never mind that it was refunded).

Hundreds of people lined up to be tendered beck to our ship.  We kind of looked at all these people and figured there was no point to stand in the line for hours and get drenched.  Plus, we just got there and hardly saw or did anything! We walked to the bar and got some cold beer and waited till the weather got happy...

We read in the flyers there was a nature trail walk for $65 per person.  Not sure why you get charged that much to just walk using your own feet?  I guess that's what the cruise lines do.
The rain stopped and we wanted to see what was around the island.  Also the nature trail was free now since the island got empty.

We started strolling down the trail.  As we walked reading all the signs about different exotic trees and bushes (remember the $65 fee?) we found it interesting to learn that some of the tree leafs could cure certain diseases.
We were maybe about half way to the mid section of the forest when we noticed the trail was now divided into two directions.  One of them seemed pretty long, and looking at the other one we could see the ocean.  So we took the water view.  After walking a few more feet, we came out of the forest to this fantastic white sand beach (Barefoot Beach) and a perfectly calm, clear blue water.

But that's not what literally took our breath away!  About a mile or maybe even more from the shore, we saw a girl doing cartwheels on the water!  A few more people were standing right there in the still-ankle-deep clear water.  Our jaws dropped.  Just incredible!  So we walked and walked in the shallow water of the ocean, looking back at the beach that was so far away at that point.
We saw small jellyfish and even a baby sting ray right by our feet.  It was just an amazing feeling, standing on the white sand in the ocean - the water barely touching your ankles, seeing the whole island before your eyes - from the other tiny "island" in the ocean.

I guess I am trying my best to take you there for a moment.  Hopefully I came close:)

In the end, I just want to say that it was a bad day for most people on the ship as they left the island with a disappointment of a bad weather if you ask them.  As for us, the rain was the best thing that could've happened... we did the opposite of what the rest of the people did.
''When life gives you lemons - make lemonade"!  I just heard this from my husband.
We took these pictures as we walked in the ocean fearing that we'd step on these jellyfish or some other weird creatures along the way.  It was kind of a challenge and fun the same time.
Coco Cay was worth the pay!

What about you? Have you gone on any Cruises?  What was the one thing that amazed you or two?

Bye - Bye Coco Cay


  1. Unbelievable! What a place. I adore the name of that island:) So cute. The nature is just beautiful!

  2. I like the name too! Fun to say it:)