Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More than a baby.

Here are my three children: Armen, Eva and our new born Adam! Here they just met him for the first time:) It was love at first sight! And we are done with making babies! Really done.

I admit, I am a baby person.  I didn't  particularly enjoy the last months of my pregnancies - especially when you are a petite person and your babies end up being 9 lb or more..  But I do like the whole baby phase: the smell, the bathing, the baby powder, the cooing and the stretching when they waking up.

I read somewhere that "the most valuable thing you can give your children is your time..."

All three of my kids weighed around 9 lb at birth.  Eating healthy and exercising produced opposite result for me.  I'm not a soda person, particularly no cravings for ice-cream or pizza either. Yet, in the end of my pregnancies I've gained more than 50 pounds (never mind going way over with the second baby).
Something must be wrong with my husband makes me think...

The baby is out, so is some of the ''extra" that we grew during those 9 months.  What about the rest? Well, the other good portion of that "extra'' will sleep with us for a while...

 My ''more'' than OK size breasts disappointed me all three times because no milk was produced hardly.

Some women don't want to breast feed for their own reasons, when others would love to, but simply can't. 
Oh well, the baby formula worked just fine for us..  Our kids are perfectly healthy and that's what matters.

As if going through pregnancy, labor and delivery is so easy - now we also have to deal with the body we are left with afterwards!  It's takes only 9 months to gain, and to loose - 29 (if you are so motivated)!  I am so tired of doing that...

I'd like my body back please.  No! I WANT my body back right now!

Get busy getting it back or go crazy living with it!

Oh I am going to get mine back, watch me.

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