Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September is here.

It was so nice to see my kids being happy and excited about going back to school!
Maybe I was not as ready as they were.

My little man (soon to be 1 year old) has been waking up at 7am for a while now.  Well, he decided to change his schedule this week, so we get up at 6 now.
 I like waking up to the sound of his sweet little voice that fills the air in the room from the monitor, especially in the morning.
The big brother and sister are usually pretty easy in the mornings to get themselves ready for school (if not counting chasing my daughter to brush her hair).  I drive them to and from school every day.

The rest of my day will be busy.  I am sure many of yours are too.  The little guy is clingy these days and he takes most of my day time.  He started to walk and that's all he wants to do now.

Babies are demanding people!!!  No waiting or taking your time. They have a non-negotiable policy You will work for them - whether you like it or not.  This is true in fact.

Raising children is HARD work!  We don't think much about our own wants and needs.  It's hardly about us any more.  You feel lost at times in the middle of it all.  I just want to stop the time every now and then as if I can... when in the world all of this happened?

You watch your kids grow and change month after month, year after year... You always wonder how they will turn out after all.

I'd like to think it'll pay off some day (given that hard work of parenting).  All we want is to see our children happy and healthy,  we hope they become decent human beings and do some good in life.

Children make us better than what we would want to be... (heard it from a song).

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