Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Las Vegas Trip

It's true-there is no any other city like Vegas in the whole world!  It's beyond belief and imagination  that humans can actually create, build, design all those spectacular hotels (inside and out) and make this city truly an unforgettable destination.

Hotel Paris 
Hotel Paris
View from the plane
Almost landing
Hotel Encore
Hotel Wynn
Me reading
Hotel Palazzo
Dancing Fountains.  Bellagio
Dancing Fountains.  Bellagio
Bellagio Fountains
Dancing waters of Bellagio
Caesars Palace
The lobby of Palazzo
Flower and Butterfly Exhibition.  Bellagio
Flower Exhibition.
Flower Exhibition.
The Lobby of Wynn
Hotel Wynn
The Wynn

Desserts - Wynn
Chocolate desert- Wynn

Exceptional Napoleon at Paris of course.


View from Flamingo

Hotel Venetian
Concerned Tiger
 White Tiger Habitat at Mirage

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