Thursday, January 30, 2014

Memory Juice

One of my many childhood memories that puts a smile on my face is - my father coming home from work with paper bags of groceries.  He loved fresh food and was a big fan of juicing.

I remember him buying different fruits and veggies and juice them for us (kids) all the time.  He'd explain that we were getting all the vital nutrients faster that way than through solid foods.
In fact juicing makes it easier for your digestion.  It also allows you to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals that normally get destroyed by heat, processing and certain chemicals.

By adding this method to your diet and lifestyle will make a difference in your overall health and soon you will notice the rewarding results too.  It will feel like you've been refreshed!

It is important to buy a good quality juicer if you are thinking about using it quite regularly.  Do your own research and know what kind you want to purchase.
Once you find some good recipes and like the taste (after trying), stick with it and enjoy your drinks as often as you'd like.  You will be pleasantly surprised:)

In all honesty, there are types of vegetables that are not all that enjoyable to eat, but when juiced and mixed with other tasty fruits and veggies can be very pleasing.

Here are a few fresh drinks you can try and let me know if you like them:)

Note: You can add, subtract or twist it to your taste between the ingredients (or add spices).

1. Memory Juice 


4 carrots (medium)
2 apples
1 handful of parsley
1 handful of spinach
2- inch chunk of ginger root
1 tbsp of honey (optional)

Cut all the items to fit your juicer's feed tube.
Slowly push the greens through the juicer.
Stir well and drink it right away (as soon as you can).

PS: Makes two servings.

2. Mood Booster


1 apple
4 carrots
1 cucumber
1-inch chunk ginger root
1 handful of spinach (or parsley)
1 tbsp of honey (optional)

Cut your produce.
First juice the apple then all the other ingredients.
Stir well and have your drink as soon as possible.

3. Twisted Orange


4 carrots
2 apples
1/2 lemon
1 orange
1-inch chunk ginger root
1 tbsp of honey (optional)

Cut the produce to fit the juicer tube.
Juice all the ingredients and stir well.
Have your drink and enjoy your day!

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