Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hi! I am Gayane. I am married and have three children. My children make me feel like I can do anything! I think we women are the most mysterious and amazing creatures there. We give life!

I was born and raised in Armenia.  Growing up I admired my Mom cooking and creating delicious meals, somehow managing four children and housework - all at the same time.  I remember neighbors would come and ask for her recipes, she taught them about tricks and techniques.  She loved to share her passion for cooking and home making.

I hardly ever heard my Mom fuss about how hard her life was.  We are talking about 40 some years ago, where nothing came close to what we have nowadays - the amazing technology and all the great conveniences of our time.

Of course, no Facebook or other social networks existed back then, which is why perhaps, she had no time to waste.  You hear people say "I don't have time" so much lately, complaining about things that they really shouldn't.  Having average of two children in this extremely advanced high tech world in comparison having six, eight or thirteen back in our parent's or grandparent's era.  How did women do that?
I often think about what it was like for them to live in that world, trying to picture their everyday life.

I hear my Mom telling me about her childhood at the time of the war, about her life when she got married and had four kids.  My Dad worked three jobs, went to school at the same time to get a degree, so he could provide better life for his family.

My Mom inspired me to be a woman, wife and mother I am today.  I don't have a culinary degree, but I have learned a lot by watching others cook, by experimenting and practicing in my own kitchen and making meals for my family.  You don't have to have fancy and expensive ingredients to cook good meals.

Time is very valuable, and I want quick, easy and tasty food in less time but to enjoy the process too.  I hope my love for cooking and creating something new inspires you and makes your dinner times special and meaningful.
Enjoy life, time and dinners with your family!

My Mom

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