Friday, January 17, 2014

Coco Cay Island

The view from the boat

The Coco Cay Day.

This 140 acre tropical paradise is reserved exclusively for cruise ship guests.  Lots of hammocks around the island that was kind of different.
We got to the Island and our plan was to do our first time ever parasailing!  Well, if you knew me you'd understand that even the thought of it was enough to give me an earthquake...but after having a discussion what we'd remember years later about this trip - my husband and I agreed to experience the thrill...

Royal For a Week.

Coco Cay Island 

Just got back from the Cruise!

Last year it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary and we had our baby #3!  As you can imagine that itself was a major event.  So, whatever plans were made for that occasion had to rest...
This year our long awaited cruise with Royal Caribbean (first time) finally happened.
Very special thanks to my Mom, my husband's parents and my niece.  We are lucky and we know it.